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Our Commitment to You

Our Partner: GoalVest Advisory

Our Mission:

To guide our clients in making the right decisions for their financial future. We will accomplish this through education, communication and service that exceeds our clients expectations.

Our mission along with being independent financial advisors holds enormous appeal with our clients.

Being independent has provided an opportunity for us to grow naturally in ways that we feel best meets the needs of our clients. Everything we do for you, from our core financial planning to our wealth management, is concentrated on growing wealth, addressing sensitive client issues, and preserving family legacies. 

Our Team First Approach

We take pride in the fact that we have assembled a true team. We understand that an individual financial professional cannot be an expert on the entire financial spectrum. Similar to doctors and attorneys, each professional within our team specializes in a specific area, thus providing you, our client, with a more diversified knowledge base. Our team approach provides each client with the highest level of service and expertise, which allows us to design a customized, personal comprehensive financial plan.

Our Investment team is bolstered by an unwavering relationship with our partner, Sevasti Balafas CFA CPWA®, and her firm GoalVest. We leverage her vast experience as a portfolio manager and asset allocator to bring the best investment decisions and processes we can to our clients.

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